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An absolute must read if one plans on participating in the forum and roleplay. Please take the time to read everything here first and foremost.

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2 2 Roleplaying Rules
by Connor (Admin)
Aug 2, 2018 2:45:43 GMT -8
No New Posts World Information

Information on the setting as a whole. Summaries of the world in which it takes place, the three major races, the pantheon, lore, etc. can be found here.

3 3 Magic Lore and Philosophy
by Connor (Admin)
Apr 9, 2022 18:37:01 GMT -8
No New Posts Updates

News on coming events or changes can be found here.

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No New Posts Arrivals and Goodbyes

A place to introduce oneself upon joining, or a place to take your leave for a time.

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No New Posts Important Information

Some miscellaneous, but otherwise important information, such as current faceclaims, will be posted here.

1 1 Faceclaim Board
by Connor (Admin)
Aug 4, 2018 19:19:30 GMT -8

Roleplaying Hub

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No New Posts Character Applications

This is where the character creation process is done. In this board one will find application templates to work with in order to create the character they want. After the approval process, the character will be available to play.

1 1 Character Creation Guide and Templates
by Connor (Admin)
Aug 2, 2018 3:42:15 GMT -8
No New Posts Completed Profiles

Accepted applications will be moved here. Once a character is here, they're ready to start roleplaying!

11 19 Faolan Flamel, Full Gremlin Alchemist
by Connor (Admin)
Jun 25, 2021 22:13:28 GMT -8
No New Posts Story Arcs

This is where more a character's personal story can be fleshed out. Character relationships, key events, etc. can be added here to further add to a character's story.

1 1 Story One: Ambitions and Superstitions
by Connor (Admin)
Mar 4, 2019 20:51:47 GMT -8
No New Posts Combat Rules

Where information on combat mechanics and the experience system can be found.

1 1 Combat Rules
by Connor (Admin)
Nov 19, 2020 3:06:51 GMT -8


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No New Posts Neo Ambition

The location for the first human settlement on Neryas. It is named after the capital ship the humans arrived on. While plans are laid out, very few buildings have been set up here. It will be situated on the far side of the plains, close to a nearby river.

2 12 Assistance [Open]
by tanyarussell
Apr 10, 2021 11:56:51 GMT -8
No New Posts Zephyr Grasslands

These vast fields hold much history and are home to a variety of naturan and wood elven settlements. The terrain is smooth and easy to traverse, with plenty of signposts and landmarks to guide the way to the next stopping point on travels. Merchant caravans gently travel down the dirt paths with exotic goods from the other side of the continent, or even from across the sea. The grasslands themselves don't have many settlements aside from some along the river, though there are still a few roaming nomadic tribes.

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No New Posts Vistara

A humble little agricultural and fishing village along the river cutting through the grasslands. Led by their chieftain, Taruk rha Ruku, it is a settlement of both naturan and some elven people. Known for their quiet, peaceful ways, they still seem to be quite the superstitious group, wary of the human foreigners and hold many traditional taboos.

Along with the town itself, there is a collection of old, collapsed ruins on the outskirts. With what murals and architecture remained, these were clearly elven in origin. Many of the locals are wary of the area, but some make it a home.

6 94 The Weight of Justice [Plot. Content Warning: Violent Past]
by tanyarussell
Jul 13, 2021 12:14:10 GMT -8
No New Posts Forest of Guiding Phantoms

A vast forest cloaked in a constant veil of mist. Those who travel through here are always guided by the so called 'Guiding Phantoms' on their travels through the dense woods. Despite the ominous atmosphere, due to the constant guidance, incidents of those losing their way are extremely rare.

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No New Posts Mist's Hollow

A cave system deep within the forest where the phantoms make their home. Intricate and masterfully dug out, it offers the same hospitality as any above ground town. The denizens are timid, but kind.

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No New Posts Ifanriel

This large, elven city is said to be the center of magical knowledge in Faera, though some of the practitioners go as far as to say all of Neryas. High walls of stone, marble and gold protect the citizens. Resting atop the city, overlooking its various districts for housing, the arts, and magic, is the castle home to the local lord.

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No New Posts Port Sapphire

This massive port city is the definition of a melting pot. People from all over the world come to visit, whether it be for business, travel, or opportunity. As a result, various cultural influences could be seen in the architecture, decoration, and goods for sale. The gentle sound of the ocean and the nearby beaches mesh well with the beauty of the white-bricked architecture of the city. A massive lighthouse is situated at the far side and can be seen for miles, guiding ships to the port. Due to the sheer size of the city, it’s difficult for local guards to keep track of everything, so there are lawless places in the alleys and deep corners of the port.

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No New Posts Roa Fields

The inland part of the region, these fields are home to many single homesteads and farms. Small towns also dot the landscape. People are always looking to hire on helpers in their fields, so those looking to earn some supplies or extra coin won’t find a shortage of jobs in the area. The honest work is said to humble even the most privileged of people.

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Makarai Desert

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No New Posts Makarai

The capital city, named after the desert, is located on the largest oasis. A center of technological advancement, the people of Makarai are an inquisitive and curious folk, always seeking knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Where it differs from the magical haven of Ifanriel is where that knowledge is practically used. While they enjoy their magical learning, those of Makarai prefer to build machines and pursue sciences for the overall benefit of everyone. The city itself is large and maze-like, resulting in many visitors getting extremely lost during their first, second, possibly even third visit. To help alleviate this issue, there are plenty of maps posted across the city to aid in directing people to where they need to go. There is always something to do in a city so vast, it is almost overwhelming to those who are not accustomed. The sound of smithies working away at their forges to the delighted chatter of the taverns echo throughout the days and nights, which contributes to the bustling, busy atmosphere of this large desert city.

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No New Posts The Eversands

What the locals call the expansive desert region. It extends for miles in each direction, and an inexperienced traveler is doomed if they wander too far unprepared. Home to various desert wildlife both docile and dangerous, only the brave or foolish venture forth without a caravan and plenty of supplies. All around are lost temples home to the remnants of once great civilizations that have been long forgotten beneath the sands. From these temples, brave explorers have discovered technologies that have helped bring their own civilization to its great heights. While some speculate that this technology might be dangerous in the right hands, it doesn’t stop those who want to make a name for themselves from exploring the many scattered ruins.

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No New Posts Anvalai

The current capital located on the largest island, and where a majority of Anviya’s large-scale commerce is conducted. Here, merchant families put up their best wares for sale along the many markets along the coastline. The main city extends far from the coast and inland. Most common buildings are built from simple materials, some simply being large tents or tarps held up for shade. Highly influential merchants or people of interest construct sturdier buildings out of sandstone from the mountains to the east of the island. Merchants here tend to be extremely competitive with one another, whether it be over the quality of their goods, their prices, or the location in which they sell their wares. Shouting matches between merchants with similar goods is shockingly common.

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No New Posts Telu

The only village on the smallest island of Anviya, Telu consists of houses built along the beach and the land is dotted with large, tall tropical trees. Aside from the coastal buildings, large fishing barges are tied together to hold a larger community due to the limited land mass. Further inland they grow crops, so they came up with this idea to have a town primarily consisting of these barges carefully anchored at shore.

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No New Posts Anviyan Waters

The ocean waters around Anviya are teeming with aquatic life and one of the driving factors to its success as a nation. There are fishing boats and trade ships around this part of the ocean at almost all times and is seemingly the only place free from the mainland squabbles of the Anviyan government. Hauls are often shared between ships depending on who caught most or least in order to have enough sent to the various islands to provide for their people.

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